Letter from Bill Davidson

Dear Robert, organizers of the Super Rally, volunteers from H-DC Sweden and all our friends from FH-DCE,

I´ve recently been informed of the cancellation of this year´s Super Rally to be held in Sweden and I´d like to express my sincere gratitude for all the work you´ve already done to organize the great event. I understand the heartbreak and disappointment you must all be feeling right now, especially when breaking a 45 year record for the Super Rally. I also want to congratulate you for the leadership and integrity you´ve shown in taking swift and decisive action and putting the health and safety of our community first!

Know that you have my full support during these difficult times and that Harley-Davidson and its enthusiasts will endure. This is thanks to the dedication of people like you, organizations like the Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe and all our faithful riders worldwide.

Be safe and healthy, and see you out on the road soon.

Best Regards,


Bill Davidson Vice President Harley-Davidson Museum

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