Extraordinary General Meeting – June 13th, 2020

Bank account FH-DCE, change of place of registration, change of statutes
At this Meeting 4 Member Clubs from Switzerland where present and 41 Member clubs send their Proxys. The following decisions have been made:
Adjustments of the statutes Art. 1 & 24; Decision to establish the association in Switzerland
The assembly decides to adjust the Art. 1 & 24 and to establish an association under the name "Federation of Harley-Davidson Clubs of Europe" according to Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) with headquarters in Avers / GR, Switzerland.
Adjustments of the statutes Art. 8 & 11 plus 15, and approval of the Statutes
The Assembly decides to adjust the Art. 8, 11 and 15, and approves the present Statutes and establishes them as valid Statutes of the Association.
Information concerning PM 2020, Canarias, Pedro Matos
The Presidents’ Meeting in Canarias is cancelled. It will be held as a virtual meeting. The Meeting will be postponed to 2021 and the following Presidents’ Meetings will be moved one year ahead in consultation with the organizing clubs, H-D Riders of Poland and H-DC Malta. This has to be confirmed by the PM in October.

Dietikon, June 13th, 2020

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