Harley-Davidson Clubs France



Members in the French Federation of  H-D Clubs

H-DC Bootleggers, Etigny

H-DC Tricasse


H-DC Buffalo's Tribe, Asnieres sur Seine


           H-DC HDK, Vern sur Seiche

             H-DC 66, Elne
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H-DC de Champagne, Reims

H-DC Restless Runners, Marolles en Hurepoix

H-DC Keltia, Ablon sur seine



H-DC les Gueules Noires, Sin le Noble


H-DC Les Morfals, Brie Comte Robert


H-DC les Volcans, Aulnat


H-DC Tasunka Wichasha, Argences




H-DC Phenix, Noiseau   


H-DC Macadam Motors at Couches



H-DC Bretlanders of Brittany


          H-DC Stone Age



H-DC North Sea




H-DC Les Crocodiles

H-DC Les Zig One, Roanne


H-DC Only Friends Factory, Istres



H-DC Les Eduens,   Autun



H-DC Trabucayres,  Perpignan

H-DC Des Ch´ti

H-DC Mogasor

H-DC Skull riders

H-DC Sud Côte d´Argent





H-DC Bank Root'$ at Epinal





Independent clubs in France


H-DC des Frontieres, Com me nailles




H-DC Kids, Staubin le Cauf




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