has been a leader in fundraising resources and information since 2008.
The site was started as a partnership between several parents who had dealt with school fundraisers for years.
They noticed a lack of good resources that covered all of the basics of fundraising and provided assistance to those who were trying to plan successful fundraisers.
During a discussion after one particularly stressful fundraiser, they decided to create a resource for other parents that provided the basics and helped them find help with fundraisers.
They pooled their fundraising knowledge and created
Since then, they have gathered more information from other parents, students and teachers and the site continues to grow today.

We all truly thank Jason, and his friends, for sending us this link how to protect and maintain our motorcycles


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The FH-DCE Super Rally® books
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Växjövägen 54, Älmhult
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We are a Used Harley Dealer specializing in vintage used parts and motorcycles.We can ship world wide for any parts they may need.

Boneyard Cycles

The Country's #1 seller for motorcycle trailers
over 3000 pull behind motorcycle trailers sold

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We are an independent workshop - especially for Harley-Davidson - here in Castellon de la Plana (Spain)
and we kindly like to inform you that we offer a special tariff for all members of the H-DC Federation.

We are speaking German, English, French and Spanish.

If anyone of the H-DC Federation stays here in Castellon please don't hesitate to visit us!

Thank you and best regards from Castellon,

Georges & Sabine Schneider

Poligono Industrial Fadrell, Nave 67
12005 Castellon de la Plana / España
Tel. (++34) 964 340 325
Fax (++34) 964 340 615














HARLEY   De Professor   DAVIDSON






Get Motorcycle jackets, Motorcycle boots, Leather jackets on wholesale prizes.







Most popular online motorcycle store, carries a full line of biker and motorcycle gear



Manufacturers of motorcycle luggage and high quality saddlebags.
















Welcome to V-Twin Tours, Thailand
V-Twin Tours offers Professionally-managed Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tours
and Rentals in  Thailand







I own and operate a touring company in south Africa on the R62 and would like to add my site as a possible holiday destination.
We have Harley tygervally as our official equipment supplier.
You can find us at:
I could also put a special offer together for you just for your members
Hennie Lowe


We are a Motorcycle PAINT SUPPLY, "Best Color Match" Motorcycle Paint matched to OEM & custom colors for restoring or repainting of damaged Motorcycles, including technical information about painting your bike.



We offer 20% discount from U.S. catalog prices on Harley-Davidson items purchased online from our store. Aftermarket items are also sold online at discounted prices, but have a different discount due to their different price structure.
 We ship worldwide, using the US Postal Service (if you prefer we can ship FedEx). Generally, it takes 14-21 days (depending on size and specific items ordered) for you to receive an order placed with us, though often it is much less than that, and if there are known delays we keep you informed.
There is no minimum order size, and if you have a club that wished to place a large group order we can handle that.
If you are interested in any of our discount prices, please write us at and request some prices for items you are interested in. Sorry, we cannot quote shipping as that is based on the weight of the final package and the method of shipping.
Darrell Meunier
Internet Sales
Stormy Hill harley-Davidson


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2000 Maribor
Tel: +386 2 4203128
Fax: +386 2 4201587
Web site:




Motorcycle Covers

Keep your motorcycle looking great by choosing from our large selection of
motorcycle covers priced to fit any budget.



Tourstart is a free of charge website where motorcyclists can share activities, tours and motorcycle clubs.
Motorcyclists can plan their own tour, get inspiration of a good Sunday journey or find a motorcycle event to participate in.
Tourstart is international and supports multiple languages, why we have many regional as well as international users who add tour and activity suggestions from their local area.
It is possible to plan a journey anywhere you like and make a direct transfer of the route to your GPS device, and save it on Tourstart, so that others motorcyclists can enjoy the same tour.


– The largest and most accurate Harley-Davidson calendar page in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg

Your Club & Members will find FUEL PERFORMANCE helpful when it comes to fuel pump issues and replacement options. All our Fuel Pumps come with a Lifetime Warranty & are E85/Ethanol Compatible.
All our Fuel Pump Kits are Application/Bike Specific. Same Day Shipping to the UK & EU.

We now Carry Fuel Pumps for all HARLEY DAVIDSON application including 2014 Models!

Please feel free to pass onto fellow clubs & fellow Bikers & friends.

Duane Hurley

FUELPerformance   UK - EU - SA 



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